Dishonored Video Game

Video game action scene – Dramatic Orchestral Music from Filip Kos on Vimeo.

Portfolio pice were the music has been redone by me. Original at


The character is running on a rooftop and jumping between buildings so for me the synesthetic translation could only be presented by a fast-paced deep sounding steel stringed double bass being bowed franticly, almost mid solo in 9/8 time signature to add tension and uncertainty at 130bpm tempo, next sound is the emergence of a Tuba horn playing only one note as to signal a warning like a ship leaving the dock or like a start of a war “a war cry”.


The 2nd jump the character is so determined to make he nearly miscalculates and falls, the music makes a rest and once the character recovers the leitmotif is heard for the first time in clarity and the resonating violin reignites the action. I picked the violin because of the tension it creates when the bow is causing friction of the strings and creating screeching the notes can sometimes be very beautiful or disheartening.

The leitmotif starts to develop and find its rhythm in a searching pattern just like the character on screen and a 5/4 time signature, going up and down the D# Harmonic Minor Scale till it reaches the notes of the B Chord as the character bears down on the first victim they linger on B till he is struck down, then the Music modulates to Em unsuspectingly as the victim below the brass instruments and the choir can be herd in full voice as the percussion batters a marching 4/4 beat like a steady train bearing down on the enemy.

The dramatic full a complement is unleashed that begins at the stab and the big hit point one and the death of the 1st enemy, the music continues to be dark and heavy as the adrenalin flows and follows the character while he relentlessly searches and finds his main target. He continues to fight and kills the enemies, 2nd modulation is a metric one as he starts to run again after his target but is quickly is stopped as the character slows down the time, there is a big rest for the Foley sounds to be herd and because time is slowed down in that moment music really shouldn’t be herd in my opinion so I chose to have a big rest and let the Foley Sound FX FX take the lead. As time returns to normal the main theme is herd again but from a different perspective and varied slightly it creates a uneasy feeling as the murderous nature of the character is revealed and that originally the theme feels neutral not evil not good but romantic and is trying to say there is a deeper meaning then what is shown on the surface,

Foley Moments:

Jump across the roof, Crows / Raven, Door explosion, Weapon Fire and Window Brake.

Instruments and Plugins:

All sounds are from East West Hollywood Orchestra sample library. I have individually selected and preformed the riffs using my Midi Keyboard and they are all original compositions and no prebuilt loops have been used in creating this music.

Metric Modulations Hit Points:

Roof top jump, stab the 1st enemy, main target chase and after the time slowdown.


1st enemy stab D#m to Em , chase the main target Em back to D#m.

Music by Filip Kos

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